Data Driven Process

We do know that talent retention is a hard challenge for companies. Thats why we set out a data-driven recruitment process to satisfy both our clients and candidiates.

IT People

At Talrise more than sixty percent of the recruitment team consists of those with a professional IT background. This enables us to have a strong understanding of both our clients expectations of their potential employees and to find the best matching role to the skills of a candidate.


Our Approach

To strengthen the workforce of clients and empower the career success of candidates, shuttling between the organisations and candidates by bringing together the right person with the right job in the most simple, agile, fair and reliable way.

In each of these stages

We implement a data-driven approach.

To Talrise the data-driven approach means finding out the best talent possible to meet the requirements of our clients and how to optimize the efectiveness of this process with the performance not only of candidates, but also of our clients and Talrise as well by focusing on triple win strategies.